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How To Get Started and Make Money With Paid To Click (PTC) Websites

There are a few steps you need to accomplish before you start clicking at PTC websites.

Please keep in mind, I am not a lawyer and what I say can NOT be taken as legal advice and I am NOT responsible for any money lost from PTC websites, or any method you try. I am giving my opinions on my experiences from 2+ years of working with all kinds of websites. You should be at least 18+ years old to be working with PTC websites. Affiliate Disclosure: I recommend certain services to you which includes my personal affiliate links. If/when you click a link below with my affiliate link and you join the website and spend money at the website (or earn money) I may receive a commission(s) when/if you do so. You do not have to join through me. Also, Be sure to keep your personal information safe and ALWAYS use very strong passwords that you will not even remember. Write them down, secure them in a safe place and refer to them when needed.


You Need to Know How a Paid To Click Website Works

A Paid to Click (PTC) website is a unique type of website that allows you to earn easy money for completing simple tasks such as viewing other members advertisements for a certain amount of time, completing survey's, clicking a grid to possibly win money, winning contests, shopping at recommended retailers, referring others who are active (click and make purchases), etc...

A PTC website makes their money when they sell advertising, account upgrades, earn affiliate commissions and sometimes from deposits for Rented Referrals. Some PTC websites may earn from other ways, but the ones listed above are the most known.


You Need to Have Your Own Personal Computer, Reliable Internet Access and Antivirus Software

Once you have your own computer and reliable internet access, you need to purchase a great Antivirus Software for your computer. This ensures you do not get a virus or malware from a website that wants to harm you, or steal your personal information. There are a lot of options to choose from. Do some research and see which one is perfect for you and your budget. After you have a good antivirus software, move on to the next steps.


You Need Your Own Personal Bank Account

A very important step in getting paid for the money you may earn, is actually having a personal bank account at one of your local banks. When you open your bank account, you should receive a Bank Account number, a Routing number and you should also receive a Credit/Debit card. A Bank with a mobile app or online website to access your account is a huge advantage and it makes life so much easier for you.

Keep everything private and NEVER share it with anyone who can't be trusted! There are NO PTC websites that pay directly to your bank account (that I know of), which means, you should never give your personal information to a PTC website. The next step is where you learn to get paid from a PTC website.

I wanted to mention, if you ever join an Affiliate Network (pays you to promote products) or an Advertising Network (pays you to display advertisements on your website), most trusted ones have an option to pay you directly to your Bank account. This will require you to give them your Bank account number and routing number. Make sure it's correct or you will not get paid. Research every website you join that asks for personal information, and be sure you can trust them, before giving it to them. If you feel like you can't trust them, don't give them your personal information.


You Need At Least One (1) Online Payment Processor

An online payment processor is exactly what it sounds like. A service that allows you to quickly, easily and securely accept payments from all over the world.

PTC websites deal with a few different online payment processors.

The most popular ones are:




Perfect Money





You may come across a few PTC websites that use different payment processors, but the ones above are the most used.

Logos are property of their respected owners.

I highly recommend setting up a PayPal and Payza account and getting them verified to be able to accept payments. Verified means you need to provide proof of identity, proof of residency, Tax ID number (SSN), and other things to ensure you are who you say you are and not someone else.

​Having a Verified Bitcoin Wallet is also beneficial as well. I recommend Coinbase for that, but there are a lot of others to choose from.

Once you have everything accomplished that I listed above, you have everything needed to earn money online and get paid.

What you do next to earn money and get paid is completely up to you. There are a lot of ways to make money online. To keep things simple and relative to the conversation, I am going to explain PTC websites and how to get started making money through a PTC website.


You Need to Join PTC websites

 Once you have everything mentioned above, you can start joining PTC websites, start clicking, completing tasks and referring others to earn money. I would not join a lot of them, just yet. Only join as many sites as you actually have time to click at, everyday. You see, most PTC websites (not all) require you to click a specific number of advertisements daily to earn from your referrals (usually 4). If you start your journey trying to click at 20+ different PTC websites, you are going to spend a LOT of time everyday clicking the minimum number of advertisements to earn money. Most of the time, you will quit clicking at a lot of websites because you are not earning much from them. Stick with 2 - 10 trusted PTC websites and refer as many people to those sites using the methods in the next step.

Now, I want to give my two recommendations for PTC websites you should join:

Neobux and ClixSense

Both of those PTC websites are highly trusted and will be here for a long time. You do not have to worry about someone stealing your money or wasting your time on a website that won't pay you. If you came to this article from a Top PTC page, go back and see what types of websites they are promoting. Join them if they interest you.

Be sure to come back here to learn how to Recruit Direct Referrals and make the most money from your Rented Referrals.


You Need to Recruit Direct Referrals Who Earn You Money

Direct Referrals are members (ACTUAL PEOPLE) you have personally referred to a PTC website through your referral link you received from the website. Direct Referrals can earn you commissions for deposits they make, advertisements they view, tasks and survey's they complete, etc... Some PTC websites offer the ability to earn from multiple downlines. Example: ClixSense offers you the chance to earn from 7 referral levels. Meaning you will earn from your Direct Referrals', referrals, up to 7 levels. That make sense?

All PTC websites allow you to recruit DR to their sites. Some however, have a certain amount as to how many Direct Referrals you can recruit which depends on your membership. That number may be 200 or 2,000 or unlimited. It depends on the website and your membership.

So, How Do You Get Direct Referrals?

You have to send traffic to your referral links and when someone clicks your link and signs up, they become your Direct Referral. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not exactly. There is a lot you need to know. For example: You could just send traffic to one of your referral links from another PTC website, but why would you do that? You could learn exactly what it takes and learn the 15 different methods to get DR and learn how to promote up to 20 websites with one link, and get Direct Referrals to all of them when you use a Top PTC page from me. To receive a Top PTC page you must first purchase my guide, Recruit More Direct Referrals. In RMDR, I share every single thing I know and have learned about getting Direct Referrals from the past 2+ years. There are 6 sections filled with valuable information. You can learn more about my guide, Recruit More Direct Referrals and purchase it by going to directrefs.com or clicking the button below.


(Optional) Rent Referrals Who Can Earn You Money

Rented Referrals are said to be actual people who joined the PTC website without joining through another members referral link. Meaning they are not someone's Direct Referral.

That is not the case, in my opinion. A Rented Referral is no one. They are just part of the website's script. The website owner controls how often and how much the Rented Referrals click. Which determines how much you can make from a RR. You can still make money with RR, most of the time, but I want to give a few tips to help you make the most money from your RR.

Rented Referrals are called that because, well, you rent them for a specific period of time. For most websites, you rent them for $0.20 each, for 30 days at a time.

You earn money for each click they make and your goal is to make more money that you spent on renting them. Most of the time, if you rent referrals for 30 days, you will not make your money back. Why not? Well, you have an option to extend your RR for up to 240 days (most websites). Extending them for longer than 30 days usually gives you a discount that helps you make profit. That's how you make money from RR. Extending them as long as possible and clicking everyday to earn from your referrals clicks. Upgrading your account can also benefit you when you have a lot of RR and DR, but not always. It's not cheap. That is why you should always stick with trusted PTC websites. So you do not have to worry about a website that quits paying and you possibly losing money.


You Can Get Paid, Advertise, or Repeat

​When you reach the minimum payout limit, you can simply withdraw your money to a payment processor, then to your bank. On the other hand, you can use the money you earned to advertise your referral links (or a Top PTC page) to possibly get Direct Referrals and/or purchase more Rented Referrals or extend your RR. What you do is up to you. Be sure you pay your taxes on money withdrawn and try to find another source of income as well. You will not survive if you are only making money from PTC websites. If you do not have a full-time or part-time job, do odd jobs, buy and sell stuff, learn other methods online, etc... You can even Start Your Own Website and earn money blogging and writing about something you love. If that is not for you, receive a Top PTC page to help you get Direct Referrals to your favorite PTC websites.

If you have any questions, need any help or advice, contact me and let me know. Be specific so you can get the help you need.