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Frequently Asked Questions

about The PTC Place and a Top PTC page

​Question: What is a Top PTC page?

Answer: A Top PTC Page is a page that is hosted at my website, The PTC Place, and it is designed to get you Direct Referrals to your favorite PTC websites. Your page will have your Referral links to the approved sites in the rank you provide. On your Top PTC page, there will be a picture of the the Paid to click websites logo (with your referral link), Information regarding that specific website, which payment processors are accepted at that website, your latest payment proofs from that website, (if none, it is your referral link that says, "View Latest Payments") and a "Join website Name" button with your referral link to that specific website.​

Question: How do you receive a Top PTC page from The PTC Place?

Answer: Top PTC pages are only available to those who have purchased my e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals. When you purchase my e-book, you have to open the e-book and go to section 2, part 2 where you will receive the link for you to apply for your Top PTC Page. This is where you send me your referral links and I will create your Top PTC Page after receiving your application.

Question: Why do you have to purchase my e-book, to receive a Top PTC page?
Answer: I want you to get the most out of your Top PTC page, and RMDR teaches you everything I know about recruiting Direct Referrals. You learn what I have learned which gives you a better knowledge on how to use your page. You will receive a list of 42 websites to advertise at and a lot more. Put simply, you will learn how to get the most out of your Top PTC page.

Question: How long will you be able to use a Top PTC page?

Answer: You will be able to use a Top PTC page for as long as you continue to promote your page. If you do not promote your page at all for 6 months, your page is subject to deletion. I have to get rid of the inactive ones and make room for the new ones. If your page gets deleted, you can receive a new one at no extra cost. Send me a message and let me know. I will always let you know if your page is subject to deletion.

Question: What kind of websites are allowed to be shown on your Top PTC page?
Answer: I allow all paying Paid To Click websites and most Traffic Exchange, Revenue Sharing and Bitcoin Faucet websites to be on your Top PTC Page. 

Question: What kind of websites are NOT allowed to be shown on your Top PTC page?

Answer: I do not allow email capture websites, funnel websites, HYIP programs, trading websites, Bitcoin mining websites, ClickBank Products, Investment websites, websites plagiarizing other websites, personal blog websites, Rotator websites, non-paying websites, potentially scam websites (my personal opinion) or any other website I feel is not appropriate.

Question: How do you promote your page to get Direct Referrals?
Answer: You can advertise on PTC sites and many other ways. In my e-book, you will learn 15 different ways to recruit Direct Referrals and you will receive my list of 42 trusted websites to advertise at.

Question: How long will it take to receive your page?
Answer: It will take no longer than 24 hours. When I am online, the average time it takes someone to receive a page is 2 hours, but it may take up to 24 hours.

Question: How will you receive your Top PTC page?
Answer: If you provided me with websites I allow, you will receive your link via email in 24 hours or less.

Question: Do I guarantee you will recruit direct referrals?
Answer: No, it depends on how you are promoting your page. If you never promote your page, you will probably never receive any direct referrals. On the other hand, if your page is receiving thousands of visitors daily, you will most likely recruit direct referrals. I can't guarantee how much you will recruit, if any. 

Question: Where can you post your link?
Answer: Try not to post your link in forums. It is OK to have your link as a signature, but NEVER SPAM your link. Spamming IS NOT and WILL NOT be tolerated. Your page will be deleted if I see you have been spamming your page link that you received from me.

Question:Can you promote your page for free?
Answer: Yes. Social media and traffic exchange websites are two of the most popular ways to receive visitors to your page for free. EasyHits4U is a recommended free Traffic Exchange website.

Question: How much does it cost to edit your page?
Answer: You can update your page for free, anytime. 4 times a week is the maximum I will update your page.

​Question: Can I add my own Ad network banners on the Top PTC page?

Answer: No, it is not possible. You can add personal banners, PTC website banners, flag counters, custom images, etc... on your page. 

Question: Can I contact you regarding unsolicited offers.

Answer: You can do whatever you want, but you will not receive an answer or even a click to a link from me. I know better than that. You will be wasting your time. Long answer short, no. Don't waste your time. Do not contact me wanting to exchange traffic. The PTC Place is not a PTC website and I do not exchange traffic.

Question: Do I promote your Top PTC page?

Answer: No, I do not promote your Top PTC page you receive from The PTC Place. You are responsible for sending all the traffic to your page.

Question: How do you get on the "Top 15 Promoters of the Week"?

Answer: You have to send enough traffic to your page. I rank the top promoter as #1 and the next top promoter as #2, etc...

If you have any other questions, you can contact me anytime.