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Earnings Disclaimer

The PTC Place does not guarantee you will earn anything when you use a Top PTC page.
Your possible earnings will come from the direct referrals you may recruit using your Top PTC page.
I do not guarantee you will recruit direct referrals.
You possibly recruit direct referrals when you send traffic to your page using the methods found in my guide,

Recruit More Direct Referrals.
If you send a lot of traffic to your page (1,000+ visitors a day), the chances of recruiting direct referrals are higher.
If you send very little traffic to your page, you may not recruit any direct referrals.
I can not and will not guarantee any direct referrals you do recruit will be active.
I can not make your Direct Referrals click advertisements or purchase anything at the websites on your page.
Any money you earn from your direct referrals is between you and that specific PTC site.
You will not receive any payment from The PTC Place ever.
You purchased my guides for a one-time payment and there is no guarantee you will earn anything.
The information on a Top PTC page claims how much you and your possible referrals can earn from that site.
I try to accurately explain the correct information for every PTC site on a page.
Most of the time it is correct, but some times it is not. Do your own research on every site before you join it.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns or recommendations, contact me.

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