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The PTC Place is Shutting Down on November 21, 2018.

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Affiliate Disclosure

When you visit one of the many Top PTC pages that I have created for individuals, each one has up to 20 (sometimes more) different referral links to PTC sites.

It states at the top of most pages that "This Top (#) PTC Page is Recommend by (page owners name)"

If it does not say, "This top 10 PTC page is recommended by:", It is NOT my personal page. My Personal Top PTC page says, "This Top 10 PTC page is recommended by: The PTC Place" and the link to it is:

Every other page is a member who is using a Top PTC page from me and they are recommending you join the sites on their page.

Under the information tab, you will see information regarding a particular site.

It says, "Up to $.02 per click, Up to $.01 per click, $2.00 minimum payment" or information similar to that.

That means that this person is recommending you to join this PTC site as his referral and he or she is showing you how much you can possibly earn from that particular site.

You will earn your referrer (user of the Top PTC page) commissions if/when you click their referral link, join the site and become active and/or makes purchases at the site.

You do not have to join any of the sites being recommended to you, but that is the purpose of a Top PTC page. The user is advertising to get Direct Referrals who earn them money.

I provide everything you need to know about a Top PTC page at Receive a Page.

For Visitors: I never explain exactly how much you will earn from a site being recommended.

For Users: I never say exactly how much you will earn from a Top PTC page, only that you can recruit direct referrals using one of my pages depending on how you are promoting your page.

Remember, you can always contact me at ANY time by going to my Contact page.