About Me
My name is David and I am the creator, owner and manager of The PTC Place.

I handle everything to deal with The PTC Place.
I have been running The PTC Place since June 2015.
It started out as a website to help me earn direct referrals for myself, and it did.
It was not working as well as I wanted it to, because this was before I made a Top 10 PTC Page.
In October 2015, I designed the first generation Top 10 PTC page.
I promoted it across many PTC sites and rotator sites and recruited 600+ direct referrals to the PTC sites I was promoting.
I was shocked and amazed at the same time. This Top 10 PTC page had potential.

Fast forward to December 2015, I wanted to let others have the same success I had using a Top 10 PTC page.
I first started trying to sell them for $100, but eventually went all the way down to free and displayed advertisements on their page.
When I finally had a member that was promoting their page consistently, more and more people wanted a free "Top 10 PTC" page. 
At the time, my income source was from Google Adsense advertisments. But, according to their terms, PTC website traffic is not allowed and my account was disabled. 
January 2016 was when my account was disabled and from then to September 2016, I gave away free "Top 10 PTC" pages.
I honestly got tired of giving them away for free and people not promoting their page. It takes about 30 minutes to create a page when I am focused, and I wasn't earning much at all from the advertisements I was displaying.

That is when I decided to change up some things and start charging for Top 10 PTC pages again, but I could not find a merchant account that was right for me, so I made some changes to the application process and became a lot more strict on giving away Top 10 PTC pages.​

Now, you can either purchase my e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals for $9.99 to receive a Top 10 PTC page, or you can rent a Top 10 PTC page for $1.99/month using Bitcoin when you visit Receive a Page.