"First of all, thank you for giving me this great site for FREE. I recieve my  page as an New Year’s gift. So I am an member from the PTC Place from 1 Jan 2016. In this short time I have got by with my limited financial resources for advertising. I have way more than 1000 direct referrals on many PTC sites and so I really earned some money which I wouldn't without those referrals, because PTC business is made so that the PTC owners make money, rarely the users. But with The PTC Place site I get daily new direct referrals and I am really earn some money from PTC sites.

Also another big problem in the PTC business is many PTC sites goes scam, they really look promising at the beginning but at the end it doesn’t work out for them. I can’t remember how many page updates because of these scams you have made for my site, but it was never a problem for you. The page updates are always perfect.
Thank you for giving me (us) this great page for free!"

- Mihael Žnidarič

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"Probably David will know me as the ‘steady Spaniard’ as I’m always doing changes to the present that was for me The PTC Place…But I can confirm that David is always there to listen to me, to make the needed changes as soon as possible, and only may say…THANK YOU, DAVID.
Because of you and your idea, I have direct referrals to all my sites (yes, even in Neobux), and my marketing online has improved quite a lot… Thanks from the bottom of my heart"

- Javier Perez Garcia

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"Hi, first thank you very much for this site . I have made a site before but yours is working much better to get Direct Referrals. Every change I need was done so quick, and everything is going great. Thanks."

- Claudia

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A Top 10 PTC page is a page that I designed from scratch, that I personally make for you and it includes your referral links to PTC sites. Your page will have between 3 and 20 PTC sites on it, depending on how many you provide and how many I approve of.

There will be a picture of the the Paid to click websites logo (with your referral link), Information regarding that specific site, which payments are accepted at that site, your latest payment proofs from that site, (if none, it is your referral link that says, "View Latest Payments") and a "Join Site Name" button with your referral link to that site.

The price is only $1.99/Month because advertisements are shown on your page.


Others are using a Top 10 PTC page

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***I must note these results are not guaranteed.***

Andre was able to use his page to recruit a lot of people, because he sent a lot of traffic to his link from a lot of the top Paid to Click sites.

Do not ask why you did not recruit any direct referrals when you only sent 25 visitors to your page from 1 traffic exchange website. Sometimes it takes hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your page before someone signs up. It is all about who and how many people you send to your page.

The more traffic you send, the higher odds you have of getting a sign-up and receive commissions.

He is not the only one to have success with his page. A lot of the members have had success advertising their page at the right PTC sites.

The cost of your Top 10 PTC Page will be a recurring transaction of $1.99 every 30 days or $19.99 every 365 days until you cancel the subscription.

If or when you decide to cancel the monthly subscription, your page will be deleted when your next payment is due.

After you make your first payment you have to fill out the form. You will receive your Top 10 PTC page and free edits to your page.

(Maximum of 1 update to your page a week) Not including your Payment Proofs. You can provide those at any time.

Payments are processed through your Credit Card, your Bank Account and through Bitcoin.

Your Statement will show up as The PTC Place.

Any questions? Go to the Purchase page, or contact me.

Any Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me, I am here to help you with anything you may need.

As I have mentioned before, you will NOT receive your page instantly. I have to manually create your page, add your links, fill out the information, find out which payment processors are accepted at the site, and then Publish the site before your page is done. I will then send you the confirmation email with everything you need to know to get started.
So, what are you waiting for?

Rent your very own Top 10 PTC Page for only:

$1.99/Month or $19.99/Year

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Receiving Your Top 10 PTC Page

After you make your first payment of $1.99/Month or $19.99/Year you are then sent to my Thank You page.

On the Thank You page, you MUST fill out the form with ALL your referral links (up to 10).

You will be able to provide more at a later time.

If you do not fill out the form or if you provide the wrong email address, you will not receive your page on time. You will have to contact me on my contact page and I will answer you back ASAP.

If the form does not work, contact me and I will tell you what you need to do.

You can also ask me anything about your page BEFORE and AFTER you make your purchase using the contact page. I am here to help you out with anything you need.


Tips for Filling out the Thank You Form Correctly:

- Enter the name you want me to address you by.

-Enter your email address so you can receive your page.

- Copy and Paste your referral link that you would like to show 1st on your page.

- Copy and Paste your referral link that you would like to show 2nd on your page.

- Copy and Paste your referral link that you would like to show 3rd on your page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a page specifically with Frequently asked questions.

How Does A Top 10 PTC page Get Direct Referrals?

Purchasing a Top 10 PTC page is only a third of the work you have to put into referring people to PTC sites.

Does the Top 10 PTC Page Actually Work?

Yes, it does. Andre is a great example.

Andre has been promoting his page since, January 13, 2016. Take a look at how many Direct Referrals he has recruited to just 5 sites, using his Top 20 PTC page:

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure

By renting and receiving a Top 10 PTC page, you must agree to the terms I have laid out for you at the "Terms of Use & Privacy" page and the "Affiliate Disclosure" page.

What Does A Top 10 PTC Page Look Like?

​Rent a Top 10 PTC page from The PTC Place for $1.99/Month or $19.99/Year.
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