Recruit More Direct Referrals

Learn exactly what you need to do to recruit Direct Referrals to your favorite Paid to Click websites.

I spent a lot of time including all the information in this e-book that I gained over the past few years recruiting and helping others recruit Direct Referrals.

You will learn the 15 different methods to use and I recommend for recruiting Direct Referrals to PTC websites.

Also, you can receive a Top 10 PTC page as a bonus for purchasing my e-book. Learn more below.

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Recruit More Direct Referrals


​​Top 10 PTC Page

Receive a Top 10 PTC page as a bonus for purchasing my e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals or you can rent a page for $1.99/Month using Bitcoin.

A Top 10 PTC page is a page I designed and created that helps you recruit Direct Referrals by allowing you to promote a page with up to 20 of your referral links instead of only 1.

In my own opinion, a Top 10 PTC page works better to get Direct Referrals than anything else I know of.​​ Visit Receive a Page to learn more.

Spot & Avoid Scam PTC websites

Learn the difference between potential and guaranteed scam Paid to Click websites and be able to spot them almost instantly after doing some research.

Never fail prey to a scam PTC website again.

This e-book is only 1 section, but it has 13 different parts.

After running The PTC Place for a few years and letting hundreds of people use a Top 10 PTC, I have figured out exactly how to spot a potential and a guaranteed scam PTC website.

Information to know before joining any Paid to Click website

​You need to do, know and have a few things before joining and clicking at Paid to Click websites. Learn exactly what I am referring to when you subscribe.

This e-book is only 1 section with 11 different parts. 

Each of the parts explains something that you need to do, know or have in order to never have a problem.

Top 10 PTC Page ($1.99/Month)

Learn how to make money from Paid to Click (PTC) websites

with the expert help and knowledge from the owner of The PTC Place.

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You can purchase my $9.99 e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals, and you can receive a Top 10 PTC page as a bonus for purchasing my e-book or you can use a Top 10 PTC page for only $1.99/Month.

Free e-books:

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Why PTC websites fail

Learn exactly why Paid to Click websites fail and quit paying their members after a certain period of time.

Put short, you will find out why Paid to Click websites scam you.

This e-book is 4 sections that varies from 3 - 10 parts for each section.

The information in this e-book is gained from my personal experiences and a few educated guesses.

Website Creation and Monetization

You will learn exactly what it takes to get a website, create high-quality content and monetize your website to earn an extra or full-time income.

I explain explain and show you everything you need to do to get started with your own website.

If that isn't enough, I refer you to excellent services that will help you with everything you will possibly need.

This e-book is 3 sections that range from 5 - 8 parts per section.

Stop wanting to earn money online and find out what it really takes!